Carivu Caries Detection is a portable device that uses transillumination technology to make enamel appear transparent while porous lesions trap and absorb light. This device allows our clinicians to see through the tooth and detect any cavities forming. While these images read like familiar x-ray images, it uses non-ionizing radiation, which is ideal for children, pregnant women and patients who are x-ray averse.

Dental Hygiene Exam

Your initial visit with us will include a medical and dental history, along with an oral cancer screening and a complete assessment of your periodontal health. All findings will be documented and thoroughly discussed. If a referral to a dentist is needed, you will be informed so that you may book a follow up appointment with your family dentist or one can be recommended to you.

Teeth Whitening

Who doesn’t love the look of a bright, white smile? It is now easier and more convenient to achieve than ever before! Onsite Dental Hygiene provides mobile teeth whitening solutions to our clients… right at your door! If you’ve been thinking of whitening your teeth for a special occasion or would just like to match the look and colour of your teeth, then wait no more! Please contact us today and discover just how fast and easy it is to create a brand new smile!


Digital x-rays are so safe our clinicians will not need to hide around a corner. In fact, we are standing right by your side as we use Canadian approved hand held devices. X-rays are a vital part of a thorough dental hygiene exam, which allows us as clinicians to detect cavities and bone loss.

Oral Hygiene Instructions (OHI)

Our main focus as a dental hygienist is to inform, educate and motivate. What does this really mean? Because we care so much about your oral health, your initial oral hygiene visit will consist of us gathering some information like probing depths and radiographic images in order to inform you of your oral health. We will then exercise our knowledge in educating you on the periodontal disease process and how it relates to your oral health situation. Lastly we will motivate by giving you some new oral hygiene instructions such as proper method of brushing and flossing or whatever suits your oral hygiene situation to practice at home. Ultimately, this may guide and prevent you from obtaining new cavities in the future.


Scaling is the removal of hard and soft deposits on teeth above and below the gum line. We have two options available for this removal. The first option is the use of hand instruments or the second a piezo instrument , which uses vibration to remove calculus. When you come to see us your comfort is our main concern so please inform us which method of scaling you prefer.

Periodontal Probing

Periodontal probing is a procedure in which your dental hygienist will take six measurements of your pocket depths around each tooth, in order to establish the health state of your gums in relation to the bone surrounding your teeth. Your hygienist will then review your measurements with you and discuss steps to better care for your oral health if needed. The health of your bone level will be evaluated annually to ensure no further progression of any form of gum disease or any beginning stage of that disease.


Anytime you are aboard our mobile clinic your comfort will always be our concern. Desensitizing is available at any time whether it is prior to or during your appointment. Please let us know of any sensitivity issues you may have and we will address those issues immediately. We offer different options of desensitizers that can be applied to your teeth prior to any work and even again at the end of the appointment.


The purpose of fluoride treatment is to prevent cavities and also as a means of desensitizing. Fluoride treatment is made available in our mobile van in different forms such as through a rinse, foam in trays or paint on varnish.


Polishing is the process of removing stains and/or soft deposits on teeth.